Undoubtedly accurate!!!


“What’s hardest for a woman isn’t losing him.  It’s forgiving herself for falling in love with his potential, knowing damn well she saw the warning signs and his inconsistency.”

The accuracy!!!!!

As compassionate and humble human beings, we see people and situations as we are, and how we imagine them to be and not how they really are…We tend to turn a blind eye to their  shortcomings…

Its not the potential you would have seen in him but your desires projected onto him. Most of us do this, we see someone who is appealing to the eyes and we begin to project what we want. We convince ourselves they’re what we want and need. We tend to fill in all the gaps before we even get to know them. The signs are there but we are just too busy making them who we want and end up overlooking and ignoring who they really are. Regardless of the situation we fall prey to these men. We already know what we want and expect from the get go but for some reason we find ourselves falling short because they don’t live up to our expectations. Your head will tell you no and 80% of the time you will choose to listen to your heart instead. The journey is nice but is it worth the ride.?

The most important thing I guess is how you handle disappointment, that will determine how you move on. At the end of the day life is Risk so learn from your mistakes and take time to weigh up future decisions and relationships. Take something from those lessons. Forgiveness of yourself is also very essential but forgiving the other person is just as important otherwise bitterness will ruin future relationships… We all need to learn to accept apologies that never came and will probably never come and just move swiftly on..

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