Too busy: four words, one big fat lie…

If this ain’t the truth…


I really need to address an issue that consistently creeps up in relationships or during the “talking” phase. Quick question for the mandem, is it overwhelming for a girl you’re dating or working towards to wanna talk to you all the time ? Or even her sending a short ” thinking about you ” text? Or yall are just full of shit ?

In my opinion ” im busy ” = you can’t trip over me not hitting you up. I feel like guys use this ” im busy” line as some sort of excuse to not be held accountable for inconsistency. You can’t do it when you’re busy, and you don’t do it when you’re not busy…. how exactly do you expect the so called relationship to work? Too busy to hit me up implies you have no time for anything other than business. No one wants that.

I feel like people who are super busy but want a significant other, want somebody that will take whatever they can get. That’s cool I guess, but how long should somebody be cool with you being too busy to put in some kinda effort? People can like you and be too stubborn or lazy to put in the work to show you. I get that. Shit I’m busy too. I’m not saying let’s talk all day, everyday but taking 30 seconds a day just to say fucking “Hi” or “Thinking about you” would make an actual difference. I’ve learned to accept that, a lot of other things are far more important than you, when someone doesn’t care if you leave or stay. You wanna run down an itinerary of shit you do that makes it impossible to send a text, I’ll get that message loud and clear. Telling me you’re busy just means I won’t hit you up because I wouldn’t want to interrupt all that busy. I’m just hella considerate.

Once upon a time somebody made it his business to remind me how busy he was on a consistent basis. Then said we didn’t progress because we didn’t talk. LOL whert boo?! I was so outraged fam. I refuse to be needy or a bother. I might wanna TALK but I’ll respect the vibes. Energy doesn’t lie. So..blah. I would rather just open old texts and reminisce. (Joke)…Or sit and suffer while I wait my turn lol. (joke again) Cons of being a girl. 🙄

Shit, teach me how to be assertive please. I’ll just sit and chill all day, hoping to be hit up lol. I try so hard avoiding interrupting People and their “busy” lifestyles. I’m just a wuss. I’m not comfortable being assertive until I know it’s welcomed and embraced. I’m so sensitive it’s not even funny. if I don’t get the proper response, then I feel rejected and fall back. Like just “lmfao” or “lol” means you’re done talking. I personally believe that people can never be too busy for people they actually want to talk to. Issa scam. People always come up with new fuckery to add to the fine print.

What do you think ladies and gents ? Can anyone ever be too busy to send that one text in a whole 24 hour day?

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