Love doesn’t hurt…

Don’t allow the person you’re with to control the relationship to the point where you start to lose yourself and please don’t sell yourself for some trickles of attention. You deserve more than that.

Keep your investment proportionate. If they’re not making proper efforts to save the relationship and keep protesting about how busy they are and yada yada yada, you need to roll back your level of investment. It’s really not because they’re The Busiest Person on Earth. No one is ever too busy for the things that truly matter…

Don’t project dodgy excuses for why they’re not making an effort either. Excuses are the nails to build a house of failure. When it gets to a point where you’re constantly making excuses for them then It’s time to be honest and ask yourself: What means more to you – Having a semblance of ‘something’ on any terms rather than no terms? Or having an actual meaningful relationship? Whichever one it is, own that choice and recognise that if you genuinely want to be in a healthy loving relationship, letting someone string you along with lazy communication is not the way to go. Letting go of someone who strings you along and setting basic standards of communication from the get go will quickly weed out the shady and the lazy and ensure that you get what you truly deserve.

We can’t, as much as we may want to, have it both ways. It’s the whole ‘shortcut’ issue where we want to set low standards by having little or no boundaries and accepting dubious behaviour and still get the relationship we claim to want.

Remember: Lazy communication = lazy relationship.

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